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New Year's in Cuba...



Join us! December 30, 2020 – January 3, 2021


Be among the first to get the tea when details are finalized. And the good news is …men are welcome!


Like many other cultures across the world, Cubans have their own colorful set of New Year's traditions that showcase the uniqueness and vibrancy of the island.

For most Cubans, the arrival of the new year is a family celebration where white rice, black beans, and of course, roast pork grace every table.

New Year's Eve is all about wishes coming true. One popular tradition is eating 12 grapes, six green and six purple, as the clock strikes midnight to make 12 wishes come true next year.

Bachelors looking to find a spouse in the coming year have an added task: they must eat their grapes while standing up and sitting down 12 times.

Single ladies looking for Mr. Right must wear red underwear inside out and then quickly put them on correctly at midnight.

One of the most popular methods to attract prosperity on New Year's Eve is putting cash inside shoes or stepping on a stack of bills at midnight to start the new year, and one's finances, off on the right foot.

Many Cubans dream of traveling overseas, so at the New Year's Eve, seeing people walking around the neighborhood with suitcases full of clothes is a common sight, as it is believed that this will help increase the possibility of exciting travel opportunities.

After scrubbing their house from top to bottom on the last day of the year, a family is about to throw the dirty water onto the street to help welcome the new year. It is believed that this will ward off evil and welcome good things for the coming year.

Many families, especially in the countryside, make dolls, dress them in old clothes, and then burn them, placing notes in the dolls' pockets that contain all the bad things family members want to erase from their lives.

Regardless of their economic conditions, their race, or their religious beliefs, all Cuban families try to come together on New Year's Eve to spend the last night of the year surrounded by family members, friends, and neighbors, to enjoy a time of happiness and forgiveness, and to toast to "health, money, and love," and "a new year, a new life."

Join us! December 30, 2020 – January 3, 2021

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