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The Santorini FLYING DRESS!!!

You know you cannot, absolutely cannot, go to Santorini without do the Santorini Flying Dress Photoshoot.

On March 21, 2022, Santorini will be drooling at all the beautiful black beauty clad in colorful flying dresses.

The deets....

Photoshoots will be scheduled simultaneously throughout the day in groups of 3-5 GoGIRLS! for about four hours each. Your photographer will take several shots of you individually in various locations as well as a group should you wish.

How to book your Santorini Flying Dress Photoshoot: 


Select your dress from the catalog. You may bring your own dress if you prefer.


Pay for your photoshoot: $125 per person


At the photoshoot, pay the rental fee for your dress. Prices vary depending on your selection.


Enjoy your photoshoot. SLAY WITH YOUR FABULOUS SELF!!!

flying dress santorini.jpg

If it is about iconic views with white houses, blue roofs, and sea views, Imerovigli village is the best choice for your photoshoot. Our resort is in Imeroviglli ...woo hoo!!


Dresses are available from small to plus sizes. "Transformer" dresses are available to fit any shape or size. A 10% discount is provided on the dress rental fee should you wish to select a second dress.

Select your dress from the catalog for the photoshoot. Your dress will be delivered to you at the site of the shoot. Your photographer will tell you where to change.

An attendant will be on hand to help make your dress fly!

Ready. Set. SLAY!!!


You will receive all the photo previews (photos in web quality without any editing) within 14 days after the shooting.

Choose the photos you like best for artistic retouch and photos for color correction and send us the file names.

Receive ready photos. All the photos will be in two formats: in web quality with the photographer's copyright (photos for any publications in the Internet) and photos in the
original resolution (high quality)


Giving photos in RAW format 150€
- Сonfidentiality maintain (any photo publications and copyright by the author will be prohibited) 200€
- Basic retouching (skin blemishes) 5€/photo, artistic retouching 10€/photo
- Faster editing: within 2 weeks +200€
- Retro car or horse for a photoshoot on demand
- Balloons: 100 euro for ordering and delivery for the shoot + price of the balloons,


What time of day is best for a photoshoot?

In the morning the lighting has a higher contrast, so all the colors look brighter and more saturated.


In the afternoon 2-3 hours before the sunset, the lighting becomes milder. The sun is lower and when you are taking pictures with the caldera and sea background it stays behind, so you don’t get shadows on your face and it’s easier to look into the camera with fully opened eyes and without blinking.

​Is it possible to try on a dress before my photoshoot?

Yes, it is possible, but no later than 1-2 days before shooting and only if you order a delivery of the dresses to your place. You can choose up to 6 dresses for trying.

Can I rent a dress only with no photoshoot?

Dresses are available for rent only with a photoshoot with the Santorini Dress team. Conversely, you may bring your own dress for the photoshoot for just the rate of the shoot.

I am not able to make my Santorini trip. May I get a refund for my photoshoot?

The fee for photoshoots is nonrefundable.

When will I know the time of my photoshoot?

While you may request a morning afternoon or sunset appointment, photoshoots are assigned based on availability. You will be advised of your appointment time 2-3 weeks prior to your trip.

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