Frequently Asked Questions


Q. May flights from my city be included in my package?

A. Flights for this group trip are available from JFK only.


Q. Do roommates have to make their reservations at the same time?

A. It is not necessary for roommates to save their spot at the same time. However, if there is only one person on the reservation who has paid her deposit, the single occupancy rate will apply. If and when a roommate books her part of the reservation, the reservation will revert to the double occupancy rate. Please note: Naming your roommate in the comments of a reservation request does not make a reservation eligible for double occupancy. Double occupancy rates apply only when two people on a reservation have paid deposits.

Q. Can I set up a payment plan?

A. Yes. Send an email totravel@ebonyvacations.com and Include the date to start your payments, the amount of each payment and the dates the payments are to be processed.

Q. Who is Ebony Vacations?

A. Ebony Vacations is the travel agency of GoGIRLS! Black Travel Club.

Q. Does GoGIRLS! offer roommate matching?

A. Because each girl is better at selecting her roommate than we are, we do not offer roommate matching. We do post for roommates on the Facebook page so members may contact each other.

Q. If something comes up and I cannot go on the trip, can I get my deposit back?

A. Deposits are nonrefundable.

Q. Is insurance included in my package?

A. Insurance is not included however, we do provide options to you after your reservation is confirmed.

Q. Is a land only option available?

A. For land only rates, please send a rate request totravel@ebonyvacations.com

Q. When will pricing for optional activities and tours be available?

A. Because pricing is based on the number of attendees, rates will be posted in November 2021 when we have a better idea of the number of those traveling with us.

Q. Do I need a visa to enter Greece?

A. Currently, tourists holding US passports do not need an advance visa. Your stamp at the airport upon arrival serves as your permission to enter Greece.


Q. Can I use my credits / vouchers from trips cancelled due to COVID?

A. If you have credits issued to you by Delta Vacations, you  may use those credits for this trip.

Still have questions?

Email us:travel@ebonyvacations.com

Call us: 1 888 368 4472