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We are absolutely thrilled to have you as a member! Our mission is to provide fabulous dream vacations to our members at fantastic prices while providing phenomenal customer service.


GoGIRLS! Black Travel Club was started because we wanted to share travel opportunities with other African-American women who love to travel. In addition, it was our desire to create an environment of support where black women feel welcome and valued.


As a full-service travel agency, we are excited to share information about travel, destinations and information you might want to know. We have access to great destinations at great prices not always available to the public and pass these opportunities along to you.


This is your club…

Want to travel to a destination on your bucket list?

Let’s do it!  We can plan travel for you, your group, if you prefer, or we can create a GoGIRLS! group around your trip. Most of our vacation and group packages require small deposits and have flexible payment plans.


Have a suggestion?

We want to hear it. Some of the best ideas have come from members.


Want to add a friend or family member?

Add them. If they are recommended by you they will most likely be approved for membership.



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Go here for a complete list of our upcoming Dream Trips.


Our vacations and travel events are created with you in mind. Three types of trips are offered:

  • INDIVIDUALS – Individual members may book these trips with a companion(s) or go solo. Male companions are welcome.


  • GROUP – Those who book with a group travel together to enjoy the benefits of the advantages of group travel. There may or may not be excursions/activities; travelers in the group do not necessarily do things together at the destination. Select group trips may welcome men when accompanied by a GoGIRL!

  • ESCORTED – A member of our staff travels with and escorts the group; there is an itemized itinerary the group follows together. Women only.


When booking trips it is not necessary for your traveling companion(s) to be a GoGIRL!.

Thank you for being a member of GoGIRLS! Black Travel Club.

Again, welcome! We can’t wait to meet you on our amazing adventures around the world!


Live your dreams,

Cher, Veronica, and Keke



  • Post only travel-related information.

  • No profanity or negativity please.

  • Posting of articles/items with the purpose to sell, market or promote travel are prohibited as we are travel agents.

  • Posts that intend to sell a product or a service is prohibited.

  • While we do not wish to step on toes, we do wish to maintain the integrity of our purpose. Please add women (no men, please) that are consistent with our unique, cultural experiences as we are the GoGIRLS! Black Travel Club.

  • We reserve the right to refuse membership to anyone.

  • We reserve the absolute right to delete any posts or pics we deem inappropriate or not relevant.

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